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Thomas Jefferson Will Demand Change in Frankfort!

Focused on Community

  • President of the Willow Oak  Homeowners' Association

  • Southland Christian Church Usher for 21 years

  • Community Volunteer

Thomas' Policy Stances

  • Thomas will fight to defend the unborn and will be committed to passing the life at conception act. ​

  • Thomas will advocate for the Second Amendment and will always fight to support your right to self defense.

  • Thomas understands how hard it is for business owners to operate after the COVID shutdowns. He promises to work to institute pro-small business legislation that gets government out of the way.

  • Thomas believes that education is the key to success. That is why he will always fight for our children's best interests. 

As State Representative, Thomas will be an advocate for the interests of the hard working Kentuckians in the 45th District.

Thomas' Background

Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Denise, raised their two daughters in Lexington.


After a long career in finance and sales, Thomas and his wife now enjoy volunteering to support community efforts such as student mentorship programs.

Additionally, Thomas and his family have been longtime members of the Southland Christian Church community; where Thomas has served as an usher for 21 years.


For the past year, Thomas has served as President of the Willow Oak Homeowners Association.

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