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Protecting Our Children

I will make myself clear on this issue. Men do not have any business being in girl's restrooms. Men do not have any business playing in girls' sports. Children should not be having permanent life-altering gender transition surgeries. My opponent voted to allow all three of those
things - men in woman's restrooms, boys in girls' sports, and children undergoing permanent gender transition surgeries. I will always vote to protect our kids.

Expanding School Choice and Standing Up for Parental Rights

I support an all the above approach for education in Kentucky - public, charter, private, and home school. Parents, rather than government bureaucrats, should control their child's education. I support a school choice plan that would allow education dollars to follow a child to whichever school they attend. My opponent opposes such an idea. He believes the government knows best for your kids. Further, I support greater transparency within our public schools. Parents must be advised what schools are teaching their child. My opponent voted against a bill to provide parents this transparency. I will always vote to protect parental rights.

Defending the Second Amendment

I am 100% pro-gun and will always vote to protect our gun rights. The first thing tyrannical governments do is come for the guns. That will not happen in Kentucky. I oppose all red flag legislation. Red flag laws infringe not only the 2nd Amendment but also the 5th and 14th Amendment right to due process. Further, I will support legislation to eliminate gun free zones in Kentucky and expand our concealed carry laws. Gun free zones do nothing more than broadcast a place 's defenseless state to criminals.


As a parent. I am proudly pro-life. Children are God's gift to us, and we must do everything we can to protect them at all stages in life. In this same area, the adoption system needs to be reformed to make things easier for all parties involved. My wife and I travelled to China to adopt our youngest daughter. One of the reasons we adopted outside of the U..S was the complicated U.S. adoption process. l will support efforts to make that process easier. It is a tragedy that we are murdering unborn children while those married couples who want children cannot easily adopt those children through adoption.


Supporting Small Business

Small business employs the majority of our state's workers. The more small businesses, the more employment opportunities for our people. I support changes that make it easier for small business to conduct business.            Every regulation introduced by our state government,    that impacts small business, creates another barrier for that small business to function. I will support legislation • to remove unnecessary regulations and encourage small business entrepreneurship.

Protecting Student Rights

College administrators have chipped away at student rights in recent years. This must end. I support legislation to protect student free speech, due process, and gun rights while on campus. Constitutional rights don't end at the schoolhouse gate, and I intend to hold administrators accountable when they refuse to accept this reality. Additionally, I support legislation to end DEI
in our public college and universities. DEI is communist garbage that teaches our students to hate our country and our values. Enough is enough!

Cracking Down on Corruption

Unfortunately, Kentucky is rated as one of the more corrupt states in the country. This rating stems from practices in Frankfort that encourage corruption and waste taxpayer dollars. I will support legislation to increase transparency in government and crack down on those corrupt practices. Specifically, I will support legislation to ban the practice of taxpayer funded lobbying. Currently, taxpayer funded entities can use your tax dollars to lobby the legislature. Think about that: your tax dollars are being weaponized against you. But worse, it drowns out the voices of the
people in favor of special interests. This is wrong and an abuse of your hard-earned money. It needs to stop now! I will never sell my vote to the special interests.

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