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Former State Representative Stan Cave

I unconditionally endorse my friend, Thomas Jefferson, for State Representative for Kentucky's 45th House District. I know Tom personally and can attest to his uncompromising honor, integrity and character. Tom is a man of faith and has a proven record of serving others. He believes in personal accountability, fiscal responsibility and government transparency.

Our State and Nation are at critical crossroads where the convictions of our officeholders matter. Tom understands and shares the values we Kentuckians hold dear. He will not be intimidated by the liberal elite who are  determined to forever change the culture of our State. Tom is no stranger to hard work. He will be a dedicated and courageous public servant who will fight for the conservative values we believe in.

Thomas Jefferson will truly be a great State Representative. Please join me in voting for Thomas Jefferson for State Representative for the 45th District in the Republican Primary on May 21st. Thank you!

- Former State Representative Stan Cave

Jessamine County Republican Party

Retired Corporate Executive
Jerry Smalley

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I am supporting Thomas Jefferson for State Representative for the 45th District. I have known Thomas (TJ) for over 20 years and know him to be a great family man as well as a true friend with great integrity who would do anything for friends and family.


TJ is well respected and involved with his church family as well as his neighborhood community. TJ will be a strong Representative of the 45th District. Without hesitation he will be there for everyone he represents and will listen to everyone with an empathetic ear and sincerity in dealing with issues that affect his district and the State of Kentucky.

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